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The Pig

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  1. They say you can’t hear gifs but I can’t not hear this saying china

    Edit: a word
    Edited again: the other word 🙁

  2. Can we stop with the political stuff? It’s all you see anywhere on reddit, and 95% of it isn’t discussing anything that will help the current political climate. It’s fine once in a while, it’s just annoying to see it everywhere especially when it’s not adding anything of value to the conversation.

  3. No word of a lie, I just knew it was gonna be trump as I clicked . Getting pretty beyond predictal and beyond played out tbh

    yes he’s a bad president we get it 👌

  4. Wow. It became Donald J Trump. I sure did not see that coming. Fucking predictable. its getting fucking old mate. Like James Cordon making a trump joke for the 1 millionth fucking time. It’s been the same fucking shit since 2016. It’ll be 2050 and dumbasses will still be making unfunny, irrelevent and redundant jokes about some orange fool no one gives a fuck about from 34 years ago and they will be the ones being mocked at and laughed at for their stupidity.

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Ah, puns

Cartman mimicking Butters remains to be my favourite south park scene. “I will be ready with bells on, ya previous horse banging skank”