The Platinum Digital Burning Man Expertise™

The Platinum Digital Burning Man Expertise™ 7

The Platinum Digital Burning Man Expertise™

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  1. I know there’s a lot of hype ragging on Burning Man and all that …


    I mean fuck man, what other place can I go to a pirate hobo camp, sing sea shanties with a bunch of gay hairy men, drink chilled rum, and shoot some flamethrowers while on acid, and SHOUT “YARRR they be off our LARBOARD BOW, give em another broadside!” to a techno version of the theme song from Pirates of the Caribbean.

    Also I found a fallout 101 bar where they played all the radio stations from fallout and served nuka cola. I mean come on.

    But yea everything else this guy says is true and it sucks.

    Don’t know about the blood orgies but fuck it, I don’t know. After everything I saw it could totally be a thing.

  2. Ah, Burning Man — the event where rich people go live in the desert to pretend to not be rich, but join camps that keep out non rich people anyway.

  3. Ryan Hailey is a treasure. Such an excellent addition to Funhaus. His whole channel is full of stuff like this. His Bass Pro Shops song is one of my favorites.

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mmm sure, pvz memes 19

mmm sure, pvz memes

We're nonetheless the children we was.. 20

We’re nonetheless the children we was..