The Shaving Helmet

The Shaving Helmet

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. See that small hand held unit he was demonstrating with at 53 seconds? Just got a flashback of when I used one of those and removed a SLAB of the skin from my skull. , roughly the area of a matchbox. Went back to a traditional and trouble free razor. Anyone else loose a fight to one of those things?

  2. if this isn’t incredible obvious, this is an advertisement for the little razor in his hand that he uses to demonstrate what the helmet is doing.

    Obviously the helmet isn’t doing that. They sell those razors designed for your head and creams (the automatic shaving cream injector) on their website which is linked on the video.

  3. what the fuck? i was sure this was gonna be some goofy ass gag. is he just using an electric razor? also there’s no way 4 of those could cover a head. if it just goes in one axis.

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