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The true monster

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  1. The monsters name is Adam and because its was created by Frankenstein, saying his name is Adam Frankenstein would make sense.
    So would “Frankenstein’s monster”

    Also killing innocent people because your creator is a jerk is a monster thing to do

  2. I think that it is more about knowing that there is no answer to understanding this story, in the end both were the monster but both saw themselves as the true victims, this means that the problem of the story was not being able to show empathy

  3. I mean, yes and no, really. In the book, Victor Frankenstein’s best friend just got killed and all evidences point to a young servant girl of the family. Trick is, Victor KNOWS it’s not her and she’s innocent, because the monster told him he would make Victor pay for refusing to give him a bride.

    So the dude knows that the servant is innocent, but he sit through the trial, accusation and execution, without saying a single word.

    Yeah, fuck the doctor too.

  4. In the book, frankenstein learns english from talking with a blind man because everyone else pushed him away for being ugly. When the blind mans kids cane and described frankenstein, the man kicked him out, kinda sad ngl

  5. Frankenstein is a great book. Absolutely not what i expected, but i loved it. Really makes you think.

  6. Both Frankenstein and the society are monsters. The moral of the story was the monster was just a person who was scared and misunderstood.

  7. Actually society isn’t the monster at all. It’s Victor frankenstien.

    He created a sentient being that would have no quality of life and one that was made from the contents of graves.

    What he did was incredibly cruel, especially to his creation. The ‘thing’ didn’t know how else to act as it’s not even really a part of a species.

    It’s biology would be completely messed up and it would definitely feel extremely overwhelmed.

    I get that later on what the thing did was messed up but it couldn’t have known any better.

    A more accurate thing to say would be:

    The real monster is the concept of God and the natural human greed instituted through to us by society, evolution and humans sick need to feel power.

  8. In the original Frankenstein, Frankenstein’s monster is actually very good looking and handsome, but the issue is that you simply feel wrong looking at him

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