The way she hisses back at her cat

The way she hisses back at her cat 7

The way she hisses back at her cat 8

The way she hisses back at her cat

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  1. This sounds like the first few times my wife cut our cats nails.
    *meow* “I don’t care”
    *attempt of bite* “I’ll bite you back”
    *meow* “oh tell someone who cares”
    Now all three of them just sit there and let her cut their nails as they know the more they struggle, the longer it takes.

  2. I can feel this video. We got 3 cats and whenever I have to get one in a carrier I just accept that Im gonna get slashed and/or bitten.

  3. When I watch a video like this, I can’t help but imagine what she’d look like sitting there by herself, clipping her cats nails, talking to a phone that’s propped up against something on the bed.

  4. Ha! This is great. She is a crazy cat lady that I think I would get along with. Love the look on the cat’s face when she hisses. Like WTF??? Are you a cat?

  5. With that initial reaction, it looks like she snipped too close. That can be very painful for cats and dogs if you cut too close, like clipping into the skin of human finger nails.

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