There was an attempt

There was an attempt 7

There was an attempt 8

There was an attempt

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  1. Celeste Barber? What a legend she is. Giving women everywhere the ability to not take themselves or over-exposed glamour models too seriously. She’s so real.

  2. Guy here. I would non sarcastically prefer woman #2 any day. Woman 1 looks like not my own personal preference. Woman 2, curvy and funny – win!

    Edit 2: I acknowledge that I’m not the official judge of anything. But the title says “an attempt made” to copy a celebrity known to be good looking. I didn’t know that the 2nd person is also well known, and offered my opinion that they are also good looking. It’s a comment section, I can state my opinion. Yours may well be different – great!

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Corgi sledding 20

Corgi sledding

Do not do it bro, it is not price it. 21

Do not do it bro, it is not price it.