These baby puppies were born the day before the baby human

These baby puppies were born the day before the baby human

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  1. I am dying of cuteness!! How old is the baby? At what age can you introduce babies to dogs?

    So adorable!!

  2. Please do those monthly pics showing how they’re growing up together, it’ll be such a great thing to look back on

  3. What’s the go with health and safety here? Is there any risk of an illness transferring to the baby or the puppies. I’ve never had a kid but I’ve always wondered if this is safe prior to vaccinations. Cute af tho.

  4. They grow so fast. I remember my baby was like that and now shes almost 1 (shes 9 months) and shes mobile.

  5. this kid is the luckiest kid ever! I was raised with a dog born 1 day before me! fun fact, I was actually adopted, so my parents brought me home at 6 weeks old, exactly 1 day after they brought the new puppy home! I was blessed to grow up with a doggo as a best friend!

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