They call him “Air Jordan” for a reason

They call him “Air Jordan” for a reason

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  1. This is why there was only one man capable of holding Jordan to under 20 points per game:

    Dean Smith.

    My other favorite Michael Jordan joke comes from teammate Stacey King. After Jordan scored a career-high 69 points, King said “I’ll always remember this as the night that Michael Jordan and I combined for 70 points.”

  2. I love the documentary on espn right now. I love other players chiming in who played against jordan and they all say the same thing. If you let him jump he is going to score.

    So eye opening for someone who is too young to remember jordan in his prime.

  3. I met Michael Jordan on a school field trip when I was in elementary school. He and Orlando Woolridge were signing photos at the opening of a Sears store in Chicago. So I’m in line waiting to meet him, and the girl in front of me in line from my class curtsies to him. Orlando says “you better curtsey back!” So Jordan stands up and curtsies to this girl, pulling his shorts to each side like it was a dress. They laughed everyone thought it was great.

  4. One of favourite Jordan highlights

    My dad used to get this *Top 100 NBA Plays* tape from the video store every so often, and I can recall rewinding the cassette until it broke so I could go watch this exact clip over and over

  5. I remember a game where Jordan purposely missed a free throw just so he could get the rebound. It was near the end of the game and 1 point wasn’t going to do anything for them but 2 maybe tied the game or at least got them to one score game. I think they won that game. The free throw was a line drive with no arc on it, it hit the back of the rim and came right back to him

  6. That’s not about jumping ability, that’s master-level observation. He saw where the ball was gonna hit and how it was gonna bounce before it hit the back of the rim. Any of those guys could’ve grabbed the ball in midair and dunked it, but he was the one who knew to do it first.

  7. I watched this 5 times trying to figure out where the hell he came from, but it seems he just appears, embarrasses everyone, and jogs away.

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