They do be good bois

They do be good bois 7

They do be good bois 8

They do be good bois

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  1. Meanwhile my dog literally running out of the house when I slightly open the door even tho it has food, shelter and is getting a ton of love from us.

  2. If only you could make the cat gif keep its look of distain and superiority as is slowly climbs into your lap and “allows” you to pet it.

  3. Cats just show their love in a different way. They don’t like it when you are all up in their business. You got to let them come to you and they will love you as much as a dog.

  4. How badly are you treating your cats people?, mine can´t stay out of the same room as me for longer than an hour at most, and doesn´t mind to be toched and peted at all.

  5. im sorry to be annoying but this is untruthful.

    My cat is so affectionate to me and I care for them and give them so much love, so they give it back!

    You just have to actually know how to treat a cat, they’re not the same as dogs. 😐

  6. Honestly, I think they have great qualities, cats are usually stereotyped more as unloving, but my cat shows me otherwise.

  7. I think it’s funny how cats can just switch from being the cutest animal in the world to the terminator in just seconds

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