They just throw it

They just throw it 7

They just throw it 8

They just throw it

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  1. I got some bubble wrap, you like bubble wrap?

    >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!< >!POP!<

  2. God damnit my step brother is annoying. He always eats with his mouth open, he gets mad all the time because his mom didn’t give him the milk carton the exact second he asked for it so he takes his spoon and dings it on his bowl. And of course I sit right next to him during dinner. I’m gonna go fucking insane.

  3. So true. My nephew was using my mum’s iPad to play a game, he got tilted at some game and was going to yeet the iPad across the room when my mum grabbed it and told him he’ll never use it again if he doesn’t learn to respect other people’s stuff. This was after he got melted cheese on the screen.

  4. This is my son with his cup. Every time. I always think of the first time Thor has a drink on earth and he slams the cup on the ground “that was delicious! Another!” It’s only funny the first time though

  5. I have two very small teacup dogs (maltese yorkie mixes) and a little brother around 2 years old he was holding the smallest of the two and decided he was done so he thought it’d be a good idea to just throw her(luckily she was fine) but damn that kid got in some serious shit

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