This game needs a remake ASAP.

This game needs a remake ASAP. 7

This game needs a remake ASAP. 8

This game needs a remake ASAP.

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  1. I remember when that came out with a Need for Speed Most Wanted in 2012 and I was like hey cool a remake!… nope.

  2. So does carbon I loved the free roam aspect ontop of the cops they did cops so well “all units we got reports of a Lime Mazda heading southbound” not to mention the environmental takedowns

  3. NEGATIVE!!! It needs a REMASTER, not a REMAKE! It has a remake from 2016(ish) and it’s awful. I want a true to form, faithful, from the heart remaster with new graphics, new cars, some new metal music, and if it’s not too much to ask get the same guy who played Razor back. This is probably the most important game of my childhood so either let it be perfect as it is, or give it a touch up.

    Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

  4. Agreed, and both undergrounds, feel like I haven’t had a proper NFS since then. Always seemed to be missing that special something.

  5. SAY

  6. Gamers: Man, this industry is just constantly recycling old ideas, how about you give us something fresh and new once in a while?


  7. The only racing game I really enjoyed. Outrunning cops was so fun. I don’t even like cars but I customized the shit out of them

  8. Just not by EA. You’d get a stock civic to start.

    A turbo kit would be 3000 wins, or $5.99.

    Want the GTR? 30 000 wins, or $59.99.

  9. I just want a new Porsche Unleashed.

    I never liked the newer ones because they were not the intent of the originals. From 1 to 5, it was a continuous progression towards sim and realism, working with the tech of the time. Porsche Unleashed introduced not only branded products with high detail and speced car models, but it also introduced things like 4 wheel independent grip and suspension calculations, better tire and grip representations, and more sophisticated car modification.
    And then…Hot Pursuit II happened, and the franchise took a hard 180. It threw away everything NFS 5 did and reverted back to older models. It was a MASSIVE let down. NFS Underground cemented the NFS series from that point on as an arcade racer. NFS Shift was an attempt towards something of the sim side, but it was too dumbed down to really be liked in that way. There were already many other, better sim racers, and NFS didn’t go far enough to actually compete, even though the idea was good and was a solid half attempt.

    Most Wanted was hugely popular. My roommates in college played it daily.

    But for me, still to this day, the most special NFS was Porsche Unleashed. It was such a huge step up in so many ways and gave a glimpse of what NFS could have continued to do. I tried to like Underground. I really did. I WANTED to like it, but I couldn’t… I grew up on 1 through 5 and liked THAT progression. I’ve never recovered from the whiplash from the deviation they took with the franchise.

    I’m not salty about it. Frankly, it makes perfect business sense. Sim games are not mainstream games, and they’re hard to make work with basic controllers. So few people are going to have force feedback wheels or at least force feedback joysticks that will give you enough sense and precision in control. For the masses, and for high sales numbers, NFS did exactly what they should, go arcade and make the video and audio wild. They did, and it sold wonderfully. This showed in the sales numbers too with the Underground and Most Wanted series representing around 2/3rds of their total sales volume for ALL their games. It’s also apparent when Shift only sold around 1/50th of the copies of Most Wanted. Even Porsche Unleashed sold similarly, and relative to the iterations before and after, it undersold. Both High Stakes and Hot Pursuit 2 both significantly out sold Porsche Unleashed, which was a damn shame. But, it was an outlier product, and for the first time, a product that shoehorned people into only one brand of vehicle. It was also a harder to drive game too and added other elements like damage and budgeting. It forced you to drive good or go broke. Some of these game mechanics were off-putting.

  10. When EA make an remaster or remake they would be make a piece of shit because the developer are different the new developer from ea are Trash so would be this game be trash too but this game is awesome so please let the memories be memories
    Anything else are wrong in my opinion

  11. I disagree due to how shit EA is. They’ll make barely playable game for $69.99 with only different shader.

  12. still one of my favorites! It also had the best bugs on my xbox version. like overheating and seeing through the world. lol

  13. Great game but isn’t Forza Horizon kind of the same concept minus the police? You start at the very bottom with nothing but eventually work your way up to #1.

  14. I feel it hasn’t aged that much, these last few days I’ve been playing the xbox 360 version, and it still looks great, I’m sure you could play Underground 1, 2, Most Wanted, and Carbon on PC at 4k/60 without any issues on almost any setup. Throw in the widecreen fix and maybe texture mods and you are good to go.

    Burnout 3 is the biggest lost gem of that generation, since it doesn’t have a PC version, nor a 360 native port like 4 you are stuck at 480p which doesn’t scale great on a big 4k screen, so your options are buying a crt tv, or playing around with emulators.

  15. Only if it’s the exact same just 4k quality . Also refined mechanics , not the garbage that nfs heat has today

  16. Yes, but not the shitty NFS MW that tried to get the name from this classic but became a pay-to-win joke that I refunded on Steam. (The mobile NFSMW was ok)
    Ah the good old days of running 1h+ pursuits, taking down Cross himself and having helicopters as roadblocks… The perfect NFS game would be a Most Wanted playstyle with the customization+drift from Underground2 and the rival duels from Carbon

  17. Nah you wouldn’t want a remake. A remake is turning it into yet another cash cow flooded with microtransactions, season passes, loot boxes, premium editions and preorders, ESPECIALLY because it’s EA.

    Just play the original and mod if you want better graphics 🙂

  18. No it doesn’t. Just remaster it or port it please, don’t remake it. Nine times out of Ten when a good game is remade it’s horrible. Without a doubt EA would slam it full of microtransactions and advertisements.

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