This is a grave situation handled with humor.

This is a grave situation handled with humor.

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  1. Almost serious question: when you get a limb cut off, do they give you the option to keep it, or is it immediately treated as biohazard and chucked in the bin?

  2. Reminds me of the guy on the UK show Tattoo Fixers who had a Liverpool tattoo on his leg that said “you’ll never walk alone” and ended up getting that leg blown off while serving in the army, and after all of the operations and healing he was left with all of the tattoo, except the word “alone”

  3. I have a friend who’s in the same situation, missing his right leg below the knee. He’s unstoppable. He was a helicopter pilot before he lost his leg, and was back to flying about 18 months later. He had to do a special check ride to satisfy the FAA, but if you can’t see the prosthetic, you’d never know it’s there.

    He’s always doing stupid shit with it too. He’ll bet someone that he can put his shoe on the ceiling, and then whip his leg off and win. I forget he has the damn thing. We went bowling once and I look over and he’s got it up on the bench, strapping a bowling shoe on it. I’ve also seen him use it to try to get out of speeding tickets. He’ll pull up his pants leg and show the cop, and then joke that it gets away from him sometimes.

  4. Serious question. What happens to a lost limb? I understand sometimes they are ‘lost’ to a horrific accident but what about when it’s a planned amputation? Or when it’s not but the limb was saved but unable to be reattached.

    Edit: One of the best tattoos I’ve seen, though.

  5. One of my friends left his right leg in Afghanistan. He has a tattoo on his left leg that says “I had a BLAST in Afghanistan”. He has a pretty good attitude about it.

  6. What do they do with severed limbs if they can’t be reattached? Do they bury or incinerate them or can you take them home with you?

  7. i would never want to lose any body part but if you’re gonna lose something leg from knee down seems pretty ideal right?idk if it would slow you down that much and it looks pretty dope

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