This is beautiful

This is beautiful 6

This is beautiful 7

This is beautiful

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  1. If there is no better reason to open up schools, it’s to curb these terrible, terrible posts and overall terrible quality on this sub.

  2. For the longest time I didn’t get into modding cause I just didn’t know how. Since I tried it and realized how easy it was, I’ve been playing this game only ever since

  3. Every girl I know that plays video games, which is like 8 of them not counting *me*, has Skyrim on their top 5 games. I would have it on my top 5 too but I played Oblivion first so it gets that spot.

  4. It’s cool how much work went into this but *women play Skyrim.* I’m a woman, I play Skyrim. The woman I’m going on a date with today plays Skyrim. God damn this format sucks ass

  5. I just got this game for my birthday last week and i played it for the first time, couldn’t believe what i’d been missing out on

  6. Skyrim will always be relevant. Much like GTAV, it’s too much of a staple of the entire industry, it would be like throwing out the Mona Lisa because it was created too long ago.

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Turkish Firefighter 18

Turkish Firefighter

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Saw this yesterday…