This is how you treat your fans…

This is how you treat your fans... 7

This is how you treat your fans…

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  1. Tommy is such a nice guy, my cousin has met him so many times after gigs he says he recognises him. Masterful guitarist too.

  2. I thought the kid was awesome, but realized when Tommy played it how much difference the small changes he suggested made in the way it sounded.

  3. I remember meeting Tommy and saying something like “I wanted to burn my guitar when I first saw your music” and he got upset with me! He said something like “The reason I play is to continue sharing real guitar playing with future generations, to inspire them. Not to dishearten them. So when you get home, pick up your 6 string and get to practice for me.” And I have been playing at least a little every day since then

    Edit: Wow! Thank you for the upvotes and Awards! It touched my heart, and I hope his music does the same for all of you. Also, don’t forget to enjoy music with others. My grandfather was the first one to introduce me and it was magical, you could be the reason their music flares. In conclusion; Keep music going, thank you Reddit.

  4. For people who want to know who Tommy Emmanuel is. Here is a great song from him.
    [Lewis and Clark](
    It still amazes me the this is A song played by one person on one guitar. I showed the song to many people who were all surprised.

  5. I’ve got his signature on my guitar, and it’s the only one so far. Probably about 6 years ago. Guy had a long-ass line waiting to talk/get autographs and he talked with everyone for at least a minute. Lovely evening. Amazing musician

  6. It’s so good when a master at their craft comes down to the level of us mere mortals and impresses even more than just being great at their craft.

  7. I got to meet Tommy Emmanuel before a show one time. Absolutely lovely person. He seems like a friendly guy who is always happy to help other guitar players. Also, if you ever get a chance to see him live, it’s completely mesmerizing. He’s arguably the best living guitarist today.

  8. Just rewatched “That Thing You Do” this weekend. The drummer meeting/jamming with his idols was my favorite scene.

  9. If I ever got famous, this is how I hope I would interact with people.

    However, I can understand some SUPER famous people having issues with fans and interacting with the public. Lots of crazies out there than think they own celebrities.

  10. Tommy Emmanuel is a good man.

    My uncle was a fanatic guitar and banjo player, and when he was dying of cancer and in his last days, he went to see Mr. Emmanuel in concert and Tommy heard he was in the audience and invited him back stage after the show. He got to meet his idol before passing away shortly thereafter.

    It meant the world to my uncle and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the man. Class act.

  11. It’s a good fortune for this young chap to meet Tommy Emmanuel. Tommy show him a trick or two on how to strum the guitar. That’s a very priceless coaching he’ll never have a chance again.

  12. “What are you working on in drop d?”

    He’s not talking to a fan, he’s taking with someone who shares his love for guitar and music and genuinely seems curious

  13. I’ve been playing guitar for about 25 years and I’m not going to lie… I would be shaking and playing like trash if I were in this situation. I’ve learned a lot of things about playing over the years but one thing I’ve never learned is how to not be nervous playing around another guitar player that I have never played with before or nervous to the point of being unable to play around a very good guitar player. This situation is a whole other level above that.

  14. *sigh* people criticizing the way the kids playing are completely missing the point.

    I’m not familiar with Tommy Emmanuel, but I can say very few celebrity types will sit and listen to YOU play, offer constructive criticism, and go back and forth talking about how things are done.

    Kid could’ve butchered the entire song, but Tommy sure was a class act with the way he interacted with him.

  15. Dude’s a saint. Saw him with Jerry Douglas in Genoa, Italy a few years ago. First time he meets you, he treats you like you’ve always been his friend.
    Great show, too.

  16. After watching this, I am now a fan. Just listened to and followed him on Spotify. As a guitar player I can’t believe I never heard him before, he is amazing. Thanks, for sharing this.

  17. For anyone that doesn’t know, the older man is Tommy emmanuel, widely regarded as the best guitar player in the world for the last couple of decades. Obviously that’s subjective but ask most serious non-metal guitar players and I’d say a majority would at least have him in their top 3. He’s just insanely good.

    I’ve thought he was easily the best in the world for years, until I stumbled upon Ichika Nito. That’s a discussion for another thread though….

  18. God, the way he listens in reverence and gives feedback and conveys knowledge kindly. I have no idea who Tommy Emmanuel is but just from these couple minutes I can tell he is not only a great musician, but reverent and wise.

  19. Heard an interview with him on NPR years ago. Had never heard of him at the time, but the interview was incredible. I now see him every time he is around. He is on another level.

  20. This isn’t an isolated incident either, there are a ton of videos of him interacting with fans like this. Not only one of the all-time great fingerstyle guitarists, but a super nice guy too.

  21. What a lovely man. I’ve never heard of this guy but it is so nice to see him take time out to connect with this kid. I can’t imagine having one of my musical idols just standing next to me, head down, listening to me play and giving me tips and encouragement. What a great moment.

  22. I petitioned hard for a venue I staffed to book Tommy. He came Valentine’s Day on 2015. We were a small like 1200 seat house and I was the only staff member there for soundcheck and such. Tommy was so generous with his time and thanked each of the staff by name in his act. I harmonized a bit when he was singing warmup and it kinda made my year.

  23. Ya know…in general, if I let you handle my guitar there is one rule, DONT TOUCH MY TUNERS, who the fuck do you think you are Tommy Emmanuel…oh shit you are…go for it, I guess I was out of tune.

  24. Tommy is an absolute legend. I met him in 1997 when I was 13 years old at an event in Townsville which was otherwise full of local musicians. He just happened to be in the city for a gig the previous night and dropped by along with Rick Price to play 5 songs before he headed up to Cairns. I was one of those local performers (one of my first times on stage) and he was kind enough to sign my guitar afterwards and chat to me about his playing style.

    My dad had his old VHS video camera there and managed to get [this footage]( of Tommy & Rick playing. Great memories.

  25. If there’s ever an intergalactic guitar competition, Tommy Emmanuel should represent Earth. He’s amazing.

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