This is what DLC used to look like.

This is what DLC used to look like.

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  1. I remember buying that, then going around to all my friends to install it on their Xbox’s for local multiplayer since we didn’t have live at the time. Good times

  2. For a few years time this was the only halo I had. Mom didn’t understand that this wasn’t an actual game and would get angry whenever I tried to show her. Lotta playing at friends houses, lol

  3. This seems like the watershed moment when DLC became “mainstream” for console players. PC players were used to expansions, but console players only ever got sequels or spin-offs until the late OGXB -> early 360 era. EVERYONE I played halo with bought this the moment it came out. Nobody wanted to be left in the dust, and it almost didn’t feel optional.

    Adding this much multiplayer content to a game, for a pretty reasonable price was groundbreaking. I mean, a 9 map update by today’s standards would be absolute insanity, but back then it was almost like getting a second game – especially when you’d already done everything in the campaign.

  4. Halo 2 is probably the game I’ve spent the most hours on. Played pretty much every night until 2-3am, cuz I was on east coast and most of my xbl friends were on west coast. Loved that game so much.

  5. I think I just downloaded them. I remember this was an option for folks that didn’t have online and wanted to use the maps for LAN.

    Also, Halo 2’s DLC maps were TOP TIER.

    Good god. The island map was so fun. Or Turf. They were all good.

  6. Halo 2, is IMO, the best multiplier game ever. From all the MLG/ pros that gave esports their start. To the super jumps, double shots, BXrs, snipe custom games that last forever, the zombie custom games that last forever (lol), to getting the symbol ranked levels after level 43 was LITERALLY everything in my life. The community for many, many years was strong. Everyone had mics and talked. This game started it all for xbox live. Thank you for the nostalgia

  7. This was some of the scummiest DLC. If you didn’t buy it you were locked out of playing a lot of the ranked matchmaking. As a jobless 13 year old I was traumatized.

  8. I miss ye olde expansion packs. The best ones were when the cover art was a slightly varied version of the original. Warcraft was good for this.

  9. My friend and I rode our bikes several miles to the local gamestop to buy this, only for the cashier to refuse to sell it to 2 kids. It makes some sense, but we were still mad that an unplayable disc could be rated M.

  10. Ah, good old disc loadable content. I remember ye well. My first experience with disk loadable content was when I purchased Sonic and Knuckles for the Sega Genesis back in 1994. Sonic and Knuckles was an interesting piece of disk loadable content in that the manufacturers really wanted to drive home that the DLC was submissive to the base content, to the extent that the original content had to be on top of and inserted into the DLC. They were vulgar times. Nowadays we the consumers allow ourselves to be fucked by the DLC, but it is rarely as obvious.

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