This is what happened when I gave the controller to someone who hasn’t played a FPS in over 10 years… [Call of Duty: Warzone]

This is what happened when I gave the controller to someone who hasn’t played a FPS in over 10 years… [Call of Duty: Warzone]

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  1. I’m old. I played Doom and Wolfenstein on my PC back in the day. I haven’t really played any games since, until recently. Then I tried to play Doom (don’t ask me which version, I dunno) on my BF’s PlayStation, using the controller, which is really fun, if you’re dyslexic/have coordination issues. My BF’s 13-year old son was nearly in tears because most of the time, I was on my back like a turtle while creatures were taking turns beating me up. He’d helpfully say things like, “They’re killing you!!” or “Why are you running into that wall?” “How can anyone be this bad?!” (He’s a nice kid; he was genuinely concerned for my mental well-being, but suffice to say that in Doom, at least, I died.)

  2. I used to be pretty good in COD MW way back then, consistently in the top 3s. Then work and life took over. Am nearing my 40s and haven’t been seriously gaming in years, just installed Warzone and I feel like a total newbie, but man, I was smiling ear to ear the whole time playing. I hope to get my aim and coordination back with a couple of games.

  3. This reminds me of the first time one of my friends played pubg. They only used their guns like three times and every other kill after that was by rolling over people in a car, he didn’t win but he came third from just rolling people over

  4. I felt so lost i haven’t played on console at all since black ops 1 first came out. Played it 10 days and my play station broke and couldnt affors a new one. This past chirstmas i went to my brother in laws house and played CoD on his play station and i was totally lost and had no clue how to play.

  5. Absolutely figured he was about to blow himself up with that RPG when he pulled up the map.

    Like I was legitimately prepared to type something like, “well in fairness to him WE ALL accidentally shoot at first because zooming in/out on maps is almost always RT/LT”. But, pleasantly surprised indeed

  6. Honestly I was just impressed by how well he did at being able to move his character and being able to track the helicopter, even if a bit janky.

    The fact that he actually got it is just astonishing.

  7. My fiance only just started PC gaming a couple months ago. Never played an FPS on PC and doesn’t typically play them on console.

    She accidentally dropped solo with no squad fill in her first match.

    Needless to say, she got 6 kills, won the gulag, and came back to kill 2 more players and score a V in her very first game…..

    I quit playing, because well, that’s whack.

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