This split tho’

This split tho’ 7

This split tho’ 8

This split tho’

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  1. 200 average bowler. This is a ridiculously hard spare that I have never made in 30 years of bowling.

    Not bitter at all.

  2. On my high school bowling team, we would often go to an alley that allowed you to punch in what pins you wanted up. We would practice this split over and over again. Mostly because it looks ridiculously badass when you convert it. We always called it the Arkansas Smile.

  3. It looks like he’s palming the ball though which I always get yelled at for doing. It works so much better though!

  4. He’s got perfect spin technique. Meanwhile I’m an adult who bowls a 180 average by chucking a 12lb ball at the crease between the 1 and 3 pins as hard as I can.

  5. He’s going to grow up smoking, fat and bald. Mom stop your son and his dad for pushing this bad future onto him.

  6. Me: Poor kid has no idea what he’s gotten himself into, he’ll never make this shot.

    Kid: Makes the shot.

    Me: 👁👄👁

  7. >The internet slang term “tho” is a contraction or a shorthand version of the English word “though.” It is used to mean “on the contrary” or more simply, “however.”

    However what? Nothing else happens in the video.

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