To-do 6

To-do 7


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  1. My useless criticism of this comic is that you could get rid of the speech bubbles and the second panel and I think the same joke gets across but faster

  2. This is honestly really wholesome and motivating. End of the day? Didn’t get anything done? Great news: you get another chance tomorrow! Now do it!

  3. I don’t feel so bad now. My place is nice and tidy, and I did everything on that list this weekend except go for a run.

    I got drunk on my own and played VR games instead.

  4. Honestly, I would take the win. They remembered the list existed, owned that they avoided the tasks and seem to be willing to try again.

  5. If you’re having constant troubles with concentrating on your task, chronic procrastination or just generally getting anything done, see a psychiatrist. ADHD in adults is a thing and it can seriously screw up your life. You’re not lazy or stupid.

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Haha killing younglings goes brrrr 19

Haha killing younglings goes brrrr

Bro got loose in the peanut butter 20

Bro got loose in the peanut butter