Too Many Zooz – Bad Guy cover

Too Many Zooz – Bad Guy cover

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. There is a real struggle for 2MZ how they commercialize their original success; their colab on their own cover of Warriors is 4x many listens on spotify so whilst this doesn’t appeal to original fans like me (and many others), it will hopefully mean they will be around for many years yet to come with original music as well as covers.

  2. I feel similarly about this as I did when I saw them live. It feels boring and repetitive. They definitely are best in their subway videos. When I saw them for longer than 5 minutes though it started to all feel the same.

  3. Love 2MZ – however, I felt the music production of this cover fell flat. We get “everything” in the beginning. No story-telling, no build-up – they showed their cards immediately.

    What if it started with just bass drum and trumpet bars 1-8, then the bari can come in on bar 9. Or split it with bari coming in on 4, something to build it up.

    With that being said, the clarinet was a great touch and did LOVE how they built it up the second time.

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