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Too short

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  1. This is so cute~ She even tried to duck down so his whole face can be seen.

    They all worked together to make sure he was in the photo

  2. Super sweet! Han Cong is incredibly awesome and strong despite his height (which is kinda considered a limitation in the sport).

  3. Wholesome af

    If only sports were more like this and less like getting pissy at others for being born somewhere else

  4. I like how the women are all about the same size, so imagine how much stronger he is then the big boys.

  5. So wonderful to see such great sportsmanship. It is a dying quality, wish we could see that more often. Congratulations to all, well done.

  6. At least the smallest woman is in front of him.

    Though I must admit I always found it funny when at the start of a football/soccer game they put the tallest child infront of the smallest player so that his face wasn’t seen completely while the smallest children were put in front of 2 m players.

  7. Okay I commend the two men for being good sports… It must be hard to be this large in this sport, but it has its perks.

  8. I can’t help to imagine they are lifting him by the pants and probably giving him the most uncomfortable wedgie a winner can get

  9. Why’s everyone acting like this isn’t the most hilarious thing you ever saw in your life? LOL this dude so damn short ahaha xD then the final pic bottom left chick is like “damn that mofo short asf xD” ahahahahahha

    EDIT: Dude being lifted got that smug look at the end too like “i might be short but you know who’s getting some tonight ^^”

    L O L

    this shit LOL!!!

  10. It looks like they have the traditional 3 level podium for medals. Why are they all on the top instead of their respective levels?

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