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Too true

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  1. In case anyone was wondering this happens because the cartridge in your shower handle has worn out and the internal tolerances have gotten to loose. The cartridge can be replaced on some of them.

  2. Why is it that my shower, I like so much as *breathe* the shower handle and it gets hotter. Like honestly not even joking? Whats up?

  3. Yeah wtf is up with this? Sometimes my shower gets colder when I turn the heat up, or hotter when I turn it down. But not always. It’s all jacked up.

  4. And then I move it to the other side only to get sprayed by freezing cold water and bending my back in that awkward way as if I’m trying to get away from the cold water.

  5. Took a shower this morning and I was thinking as I was turning the handle what if someone were to make this a meme

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