Trendy issues require fashionable options

Trendy issues require fashionable options

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  1. I catch everything in Luxury Balls because apparently they’re the comfiest balls for the Pokemon inside. Also they make stars when you throw them.

  2. I caught mine in a poké ball but now I’m sad I didn’t think about matching the color with great ball instead

  3. Yeah that’s me trying to catch moltres with a pokeball so it *kinda* looks good and i have he Legendary bird trio in different pokeballs (articuno great ball, Zapdos ultra ball)

  4. Luxury Balls are objectively the best thing to catch things in, because they’re the only balls with an ongoing effect past the initial catch.

    Less relevant in gen 8, admittedly, since happiness basically doesn’t do anything unless it’s a Pokemon that uses it to evolve.

  5. I had this obsession of catching every single Pokemon in the regular iconic pokeball including Abra and the legendaries in fire red/leaf green. I would reload the game if I ran out of pokeballs.

  6. I think a dive ball feels like a better match than a great ball. Plus you see bubbles when it is used on the field.

  7. I’ve been doing pokeball color matching for as long as I can remember. It’s sometimes weird or wasteful, like catching a level 5 pikachu in an ultraball or a moltres in a pokeball but it’s just what I do.

  8. catching legendary pokemon who you can fight over and over again to master ball has to be the biggest waste ever.. You literally have infinite tries

  9. Catching kyogre in a nest ball at full health on like the third ball because you’re chuggaa and the rules don’t apply to you

  10. I catch everything in poke balls but easy thing in ultra. I was in a battle with a friend and sent out a master ball with a level 100 catterpi and a pokéball with an axew (the highest exo)

  11. I remember playing through renegade platinum and was commited to saving my master ball for the better legendaries that come later. I get past the cyrus fight after like 12 tries and girtinia proceeds to shit on my team. I felt forced to use it

  12. I caught gen1 Mew Two with a fucking Pokeball. Still had like 80%+ hp

    FUCK chance when fate is on your side

  13. Catching Kyogre in any ball but the Master Ball, just to save the Masterball just in case. Then never use it.

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