Trump taking part in on his cellphone within the background actually does it

Trump taking part in on his cellphone within the background actually does it 7

Trump taking part in on his cellphone within the background actually does it 8

Trump taking part in on his cellphone within the background actually does it

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  1. Just putting it out there for the sake of truth: This should really be per Capita. Per-Capita the USA is on par with the UK, barely worse than Italy, and doing better than Spain.

    The country currently in the worse situation is Peru.

    Of course its far from over yet…

    Edit: well that blew up. Sorry that I can’t reply to everyone.

  2. Deaths are not really comparable due to the different nature of counting but if you really want to, you should at least compare them by a percentage of the population or by deaths per million.

    For instance, Italy has 60m citizens with a death rate of 594, while the USA has a death rate of 644. Both numbers are quite horrible, but the USA is not much worse than Italy.

    If you compare them with Japan though, with a death rate of 12, or with Norway, with a death rate of 50, next to its crazy neighbour Sweden, with a death rate of 566, you can really see how much these triple diget countries fucked up.

  3. I suppose this is not normalized on population size? To be fair it should be like per 100.000 peoples. Not that US does well in this regard too..

  4. couple things (not american)

    1. what can he do to force the states to actually enforce measures?
    2. were the deaths not revised to show that covid only deaths are quite low. these are deaths with secondary symptoms, which is a problem for all stats
    3. if #2 is correct, this means covid is actually very similar to the flu – ignoring long term effects

  5. Admittedly, this is just sheer number, which doesn’t take into account differences in population. However, taking into account differences in population yields a very similar graph.

  6. Graph is kind of misleading though, because we also have a much larger population than any of the other countries represented.

  7. Lol to all the clowns saying normalize per capita “and we won’t be that bad”

    Normalise for population density bitches. That’s the very revealing one. An British, live shoulder to shoulder with 60m other people on a tiny ass permanently over crowded rock full of drunken idiots. The fact that America is remotely close to use per capita when population density is like 1/9th of the UK (87 people per square mile vs 725) really makes me wonder,

    “could you have fucked it any harder if you’d been deliberately trying?”

  8. * Population of United States: 328.2 Million
    * Population of Italy: 60.36 Million
    * Population of France: 66.99 Million
    * Population of Spain: 46.94 Million


    * COVID Deaths in United States: 200,000 (0.06%)
    * COVID Deaths in Italy: 35,738 (0.05%)
    * COVID Deaths in France: 31,338 (0.04%)
    * COVID Deaths in Spain: 30,904 (0.06%)


    In reality, we’re not too far off. But the numbers are skewed because we’re comparing an entire country that’s [almost the size of Europe]( with countries smaller than most of our states. But since these numbers don’t fit in with the “Trump Bad” narrative, we’re given this propaganda.

  9. I’m not defending trump but this isn’t fair. I’d like to see USA Vs EU deaths or deaths per population. America would still win though

  10. Though you must also not neglect the vastly different population sizes.

    Edit: I am not saying we aren’t worse than other country’s. My point is that this graph is slightly exaggerated because it doesn’t take into account the fact that there are many more people in the United stats than any of those others shown on the graph.

    If it were to show a more accurate picture it would show deaths per capita–Which I believe someone pointed out below that we are 7th in that ranking so yikes.

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