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  1. One day, when I was cleaning our little fish pond, I found a pair of glasses in the debris at the bottom of the pond. These were not my glasses, nor my wife’s. We were very puzzled, and we figured that an intruder must have tried to sneak through our backyard and ran a foul of the two red ear sliders.

    Since then we are careful to warn house guests not to venture into the backyard at night.

  2. Splinter taught them to be ninja teens.

    Leonardo leads

    Donatello does machines.

    Raphael is cool, but rude.

    Michaelangelo is a party dude.

  3. This comic used to be in my local paper and I miss it. I knew it wasn’t going to do well in a “main stream” setting though.

  4. “Heros in the half shell the heros 4 this day in age who could ask for more, the crime wave was high the mugging mysterious all the police and detectives are furious, because they couldn’t find the source of this lethal evil force… “

  5. A long time ago, before the turtles were a team of four. There was the one for all, the all for one ……. super turtle.

  6. Hey! This author went to college with me! I was a writer for comic strip in a competing college newspaper and he always made me feel inadequate. Good stuff.

  7. Fuck off with this shit. You literally just took a picture of newspaper and posted it. Nice job you lazy asshole.

  8. Do you suppose that tortoise knows martial arts? How old is it meant to be? Is this normal for tortoises or some kind of physical or genetic aberration?

  9. He was talking to the one in the ski mask as he was finally working again to be able to pay his father his part of the rent.

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