Ubi what are you doing?

Ubi what are you doing?

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  1. At this point the only reason they’re “Assassin’s Creed” games is so they can keep selling the name

  2. Honestly, i might get downvoted for this, idc about having assassins or not. I liked almost all games so far except for syndicate. And i’m damn hyped for the new game…

  3. Really as long as the story is free will against order they chan technically keep making them. The hidden memories in AC 2 allow for this.

  4. Everyone: make an assassin creed game in japan!

    Ubisoft: no, I don’t think I will

    Sucker punch: did somebody say samurai?

  5. Call of Duty fans: “All the games are the same! Make them change!”

    Assassin’s Creed fans: “All the games are too different! It shouldn’t even be called Assassin’s Creed.”

    Double standards much?

  6. I don’t play Assassins Creed, but I do play For Honor.
    I can also sometimes ask ” Ubi, tf are you doing? “

  7. I don’t get it, I understand the selling power of the franchise but at this point it feels flogged to death. I think it may have worked better if they made the game but released it as a new franchise. May have even got more hype then as it’s some thing new but jokes on us it’s really all the same.

  8. Why is it that trailers for a lot of AC games are legendary but the graphics in-game give off a “meh as long as its fun” vibe?

    Or I could mistaken since everything is constantly changing, that any moment in the future we would finally see awesome in-game graphics which I am lowky hoping for it.

    Though I had to ask what happened to Ubisoft’s promise to make an Avatar game? Did they scrape that idea?
    ( they did already made a first one so if they ever make another, would make a second game, I honestly find the first game enjoyable)

  9. they should stop using the name, in fact I’d be a lot more interested (and I know some people would be too)

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