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  1. Reminds me of my brother in law who found a stray cat. He seems to think all cats are female and had given the cat a female name. We were FaceTiming to see the new cat and it turned around and showed a huge set of balls. I’m happy he doesn’t have kids.

  2. We also had a stray adopt us. He too had the biggest set of 🥝 on him! I wish I would have thought of that name! But to this day, even though he doesn’t have them, his hame is Balls!

  3. years and years ago my sister had a tiger cat follow her home from school. That cat had huge nuts like that so we named him “Kiwi” because they literally looked like kiwis lol

  4. Did you know that they aren’t allowed to show male cats and dogs on TV commercials because of their genitalia? Both Spuds MacKenzie and Gidget, the Taco Bell Chihuahua, were females but played male roles.

  5. I grew up on a farm in Ohio. We had a tomcat that looked just like that. His name was balls. My dad named him, us kids thought nothing of it until we got a little older. Dad used to shoot the other Toms that would come around to fight “Balls” or he would have died. He lived a long loving life and fathered a ton of barn kitties.This was in the ’60s and 70’s before fixing cats was a thing.

  6. My hubby and I took one in until we could find him a home. He waddled when he walked and had to adjust so he could sit comfortably. My friend adopted him. We named him Nads Johnson. Still his name years later. Sweet kitty.

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