Viva la revolution

Viva la revolution 7

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Viva la revolution

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  1. The French would’ve raped Hitler’s face in World War 2 as well if it weren’t for the tactical stupidity/genius of him just going around the Maginot Line and through the Ardennes. The first and mountains was considered a natural fortress at the time and no one expected it.

    Before that they have the most successful military history in Europe.

  2. Well in fact we French don’t suck in a war
    We are just fucking idiot who can’t do a correct strategy and do exactly the opposite of what we should do
    Good at fighting and weapons but fucking bad stratège…

  3. French aren’t bad at war, the allies collectively were really stupid in the beginning, but as the Axis were carried by only early war advantages such as good tactics, or slightly more advanced naval air power that would dry up later on they would have lost no matter what

  4. France having won more battles than any other nation and having one of the better win/loss ratios of the world: *as vector meme* hey

  5. It’s funny, I laughed, here’s an upvote. But also it’s fair to note that France’s roast tier jokes have badly skewed how they’re viewed by history. They were a major front through WWI, and when there was zero defense options likely to succeed in WWII, they endured a nasty occupation while maintaining a famously effective resistance army that allied nations depended on heavily to bleed axis resources and gather intelligence. Then in Iraq, well, turns out they were right, so there’s that, and France hasn’t exactly played kid gloves with terrorists like some other national leaders have, so there’s that as well. So all around, seems like France is doing it right.

  6. “French people during a war is like Hello Kitty, French people killing other French people is like the Expendables.”

  7. This reminds me of fallout 4 when you kill a high-level enemy and they drop a weapon that is more powerful against themselves

  8. well i think the reason for this is because the war was fought by the govt but the revolution was fought against the govt. the common factor is french leadership losing

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