“Wake you karen you forgot to feed me”

“Wake you karen you forgot to feed me”

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  1. My cat used to do this, even though I left food out for her all the time. If I didn’t wake up to the face caress (or acknowledge her and show I was awake), she’d move on to the sniffling. If I still didn’t acknowledge her, she’d stick her nose in my ear and sniffle. If I somehow ignored that (usually I’d be awake by then but trying not to reward her behavior), she’d bite me. When I opened my eyes, she’d give me a cute little chirp like, “oh good, you’re up.”

  2. It’s brings flashbacks of horror when my mom car would jump on my face in the morning while I was sleeping…

    It’s one way to wake me up.


  3. My cat has 3 strategies for waking me up for food:
    1. Swat the lamp. Has resulted in lamp falling off the nightstand many times.. now we move it onto the floor before bed (lights on = morning = food!)
    2. Swat the cellphone. Has also resulted in phone falling off the nightstand (alarm on = morning = food!)
    3. Swat my head. Not gentle, not pleasent. (WAKE UP AND FEED ME HUMAN)

  4. This lady must have some kind of facial paralysis. Admittedly my cat headbutts me in the morning (if 4am counts as morning) but when he gets his big dumb face within a few inches of me his old man whiskers reliably find their way up my nose. So I have an intense tickling sensation followed by a brief, but lingering, wetness from his nose. And then of course the aforementioned headbutt.

  5. My cat does this, but it’s usually her asking me to let her in under the covers with me. Face boops are annoying, but it’s ok when they lead to aggressive warm snuggles.

  6. My younger cat has two volumes: off and loud. He also doesn’t understand personal space.

    His preferred method to wake me is to walk up my body, and if I’m not awake in time, he stands on my head and yells.

    I love him.

  7. Our cat does this, he’ll tap tap tap you on the face, and if that doesn’t work then he’ll just casually walk across you a few times like he’s just trying to get to the other side of the bed. I know what you’re up to, ya little asshole.

  8. I wish my cat was this nice.

    To wake me up, my cat pulls down the covers then bites exposed skin. Not hard enough to break the skin or leave a mark but hard hard enough to hurt. If that doesn’t work he knocks everything off the bedside table

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