Walkmill (Strandbeest)

Walkmill (Strandbeest) 6

Walkmill (Strandbeest) 7

Walkmill (Strandbeest)

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  1. We always thought we were leaving the Amish alone in respect of their way of life

    It turns out we were leaving them alone to protect ourselves

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    After the Event crumbling infrastructures tried to adapt to a world devoid of animals. Agriculture bore the brunt of the impact. Wind pollinated plants are the only viable source of nutrients, but with no draft animals cultivating them was nearly impossible.

    It took the largest famine ever recorded to get academics, craftsmen and peasants to work together. After two long years the brightest minds in the empire came up with a design that could replace the humble work horse. Applying mathematics, windmill mechanics and woodworking created a farming tool that saved thousands of lifes.

    Key features:

    Each crew consists of ten highly skilled engineers. Five of them on narrow decks under the roof and the rest as replacement for the injured or killed colleagues.

    The windmill is controlled by breaking one side of the crankshaft. Power is then transferred through the differential to the opposite site thus making a turn.

    Advanced mechanical systems of patent sails allow angle of attack and shutter adjustment without stopping the mill.

    Multiple inspection doors are required for daily lubrication with olive oil or soap.

    The weathercock – an ironic reminder of how calm the world once was.

    It’s ironic that the weather cock was the cause of the last lightning strike and fire.

  3. I actually thought this was real at first. I wonder if the strandbeest mechanism would be able to move a small building like this? Seems plausible.

  4. This is almost equal parts horrifying and awe inspiring. Thank you for bring this magnificent creation into the world. Combined with the backstory it fits perfectly.

  5. So, is this a real thing or recorded in slow motion or CGI or stop motion? There’s something wrong with the movement of the mill wings, and the light looks artificial…

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