Was hesitant when the shelter said we had to get two, think I understand why now

Was hesitant when the shelter said we had to get two, think I understand why now 7

Was hesitant when the shelter said we had to get two, think I understand why now 8

Was hesitant when the shelter said we had to get two, think I understand why now

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  1. We had the same issue.

    We went to the shelter to pick out a cat, we saw a calico on the website.

    I was told she was a barn cat and probably wouldn’t be good if she couldn’t go out (we live in the city so that’s a no no).

    We go in and see a bonded brother and sister. A shorthaired tuxedo male, and whatever the opposite of a tuxedo would be (white with black) that was a long haired female.

    The kittens pawed at the glass when they saw us. We got them out, they hid from everyone but us. We decided that meant they picked us, and we’ve been so very happy with the both of them ever since.

    You will be very very very happy with a bonded pair. Enjoy!

    CAT TAX! [](

  2. Yup! It makes them happier, gives you crazy adorable picturesque moments like this.

    I adopted two brothers from the same litter. They entertain each other when I’m not around, groom each other, cuddle almost like that to be warm and happy. Their personalities are completely different, but both are loving and totally worth it.

  3. I went to a rescued kitten shelter where you also had to adopt two. Mine weren’t even a bonded pair & in separate areas divided by gender. Even though they were very different from each other they slept together, played and ate together. The easiest kittens I ever raised.

    Now they are 7 yr old characters. The female has taken over any space she can get to and I find that most of my upper bookshelves have been replaced as cat-shelves. The male follows my 50lb dog around and demands to be fed, played & treated as a dog. My dog is patient and is paid with ear cleaning and has gotten used to sharing sleeping spots with him.

    They are the happiest, healthiest and goofiest cats and being raised together I feel gave them the security they needed to be the well rounded adventurer felines I love and adore. They are also super entertaining. A cat that thinks it’s a dog and another that thinks she’s an explorer in the wild indoors. I highly recommend getting kittens in twos. Highly.

  4. People assume two is more work than one. Definitely not the case with cats. They entertain each other, like 3am play time when it might not be ideal for you. I firmly believe they learn how to play, and that claws and teeth hurt. A human can’t explain to a cat that they have daggers attached to their toes, but playing with another cat certainly can.

    I’m happy for them and you that you rescued two. Lifelong friends.

  5. I have a bonded pair as well, two sisters. They are so happy together and I love them to pieces! Popcorn and Peanut.

  6. ahhh they’re so cute! my cats are siblings and used to sleep cuddled together like that too :”) then the boy grew to be twice the size of his sister and they don’t fit on the same chair very well anymore lmao

  7. I foster kittens and have a strict rule of no single adoptions. Some people get upset but I’ve never had anyone regret adopting a pair.

  8. Yeah I know two kittens is a lot for some people but it’s so much better for them.

    And thankfully a lot of areas (like where I live) have their cat populations under control to the point that they can say, “If you want a single cat we have lots of lovely adults; if you want kittens they come in bonded pairs”. End of story.

    We got a bonded pair in November and even that was competitive. It felt like a job interview. It’s stressful for applicants, and the kittens we got were by no means the only ones we’d applied for, but the benefit to the animals is huge.

    And not just for the kittens but for the adult cats that now get homes. And because shelters are in a better position to turn down applicants they aren’t confident can be responsible.

  9. just make sure to give them a second litter box as they get older and a second area with water and maybe even food to graze on, so they can have their own space and freedom and areas

    bonded cats when they get older can fight just like people do if they don’t have enough space, not all of them, but having two litter boxes when they’re close to adults and a second water and dry food dish will do wonders most of the time to stop that from happening

  10. Adorable! Kittens need companion animals, especially if they are bonded to another kitten as these two obviously are! Have fun with them

  11. Ya my husband and I went to the shelter for one cat. And while we were looking at one, another one pawed my shoulder. There were two. And so I said I had to see the one who pawed me. Needless to say. I love them to bits and now want one more.

  12. Adopted sib pair for the first time in mine ory husbands lives last September. No regrets.
    Will never do it any other way again. Kittens get adopted in pairs, always.

  13. We got a pair of brothers from the same litter and it’s outstanding. Sometimes they want to do their own thing (in which case they don’t bother each other), sometimes they want to race around and play, and then sometimes….
    [well, you can imagine](

  14. Omg these to remind me of my cats! They were both ginger and black like these 2 accept sadly the ginger one got hit. R.I.P Gizmo. That’s for some memories from this post tho

  15. We went to get one. And a sibling came available. So glad we got two, they drive each other bananas instead of us or the other kitties. Thank God. Nobody else has the energy they do.

  16. Best choice I ever made was adopting my first pair. Two tabby brothers, one sweet and cuddly and the other a chompy little grump who refused to leave his brother despite other neighborhood cats trying to chase him off from the food I was using to catch those two. The grump now absolutely adores my mom and regularly cuddles with his brother.

    My second pair, two sisters who were the last survivors of their litter, really sick. Scared the crap out of me. All 4 are happy and healthy now. Recently had a new kitten left in my care (tiny baby found alone and crying in a field), the first singular kitten in a LONG time and as he grows up the difference are painfully (sometimes literally) obvious. The others play with him but only another kitten can really match a kitten, y’know?

    I swear I think they know I’m talking about them cause they’re starting to show up.

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