We all walk like Frankenstein.

We all walk like Frankenstein. 6

We all walk like Frankenstein.

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. I was once working at an office with all female coworkers. They were commenting on a guy that we had to deal with and didn’t like, and my boss was like, “It’s so weird. He’ll be walking down the street, and he’ll hit his leg out off to the side randomly while he’s walking. He’s so weird.”

    They had a gas when I told them that it was a classic ball un-sticking technique

  2. Gosh this brings back such awful memories. I was in robotics class and this kid who was acting as the TA and teaching us how to code was standing in front of the class speaking. And while he was doing that throughout the whole like 15-39 minutes he spoke he kept unsticking his testicles from his thigh. He was doing that weird squat thing and he kept reaching and adjusting through the pocket of his pants and he kept shaking his legs. I was so uncomfortable because I was in the very front.

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