Well shit

Well shit

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  1. There **could** never be enough crustal plate tension to cause it to **happen**. The only scenario where a **magnitude 12 earthquake** is possible is an impact from an asteroid/comet. An impactor that makes it to the surface of the earth transmits approximately half it’s kinetic energy to the ground.

  2. Although science forbids this, 2020 has found the way to almost start ww3, kill kobe Bryant and give us the biggest pandemic in the century thus far in only 4 months, which is statistically very, very unlikely. So I’m off to buy a spacesuit

  3. this scale is not linear, meaning that an earthquake of 12.0 magnitude would have to be more than 1000 times stronger than the strongest recorded, since each number on the scale is an increment of 30 times (2 is 30 times stronger than 1)

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