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  1. I was a day one player and am so pissed that the game ended up the way it did. There was so much potential, and it was fun for a dozen hours or so, but fuck me they really didn’t do the concept justice.

  2. I looked up the trade value at gamestop thinking you could make some money but i shit you not it has a trade value of 1 penny lmao

  3. Goddamn…

    I didn’t buy into the hype. I didn’t get caught up in it. I waited. I let it play out. And I soundly thought that the released product would be sub-par, unfinished, and a complete waste of time.

    And I was right.


    Still, hurts seeing it. Supposed to be a generation-defining game. The salvation and redemption of a game company that defined my childhood. Instead…worth a dollar. And not even that, really. Sad.

  4. I got it for $5 and it wasn’t worth it. I played it twice for a total of maybe 2 or 3 hours all together. Its not a bad game, I just found it boring.

  5. I’d buy that for a dollar. Then leave it on a shelf to wait until the re-release. Those $10 sales each month on Xbox don’t begin to entice.

  6. saw that online at Gamestop for $8 today and Destiny 2 was $1.50. I picked up some used games for dirt cheap but i passed up BOTH of these lol.

  7. Well for 1 dollar I would buy it but then again im a bit stupid. But I mean I enjoyed it but sure it needed allot of work which they said they are doing.

  8. I only played the demo, but I hated it when a teammate ran out of the area, and we all loading screened with him to the next area.

  9. I can’t see them re-charging for this when they rerelease it. I’d buy a bunch and skip a few beers this week to see if this pays dividends in the future.

  10. They really over-manufactured these didn’t they? I can’t believe stores still have stock they’re desperately trying to shift.

  11. I’m waiting for this “Complete overhaul” of the game that I’ve heard they are working on. The universe is genuinely engaging and the world is beautiful, but LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE about the game is garbage. Apparently they scrapped everything and are rebuilding the game from the ground up, I hope this is another No Man’s Sky situation.

  12. Honestly think it’s worth the dollar. I loved Anthem’s movement and combat aside from the itemization part of it. The campaign was mediocre as well. Still was a decent playthrough.

    I’d gladly give it another shot once they release the Anthem 2.0 reboot they’re working on.

  13. I got it free back when it came out. Played a couple missions. A friend just picked it up for 5$ during a sale so we are goin to give it a run through. Cant be that bad for that cost haha.

  14. People want to hate on this game, but for anything under $15 it’s fantastic.

    The sub Reddit is pretty toxic though. It’s filled with veteran players still salty about release. They scare off the new players who enjoy the game for what it is, bugs and all

  15. I don’t remember how I even got Anthem. I think it was through a piece of hardware I bought. Either way, I will say that I enjoyed the mechanics in general and going through the story. I haven’t put any time into it post-story yet though.

    I know the game is basically a giant meme on reddit, but I’ve had fun playing it. For a dollay, the story mode alone is vastly worth it. Take it as you will.

  16. I got the PC version of this for free when I got a new video card. Downloaded and installed in 2 hours, played for 1. Wasn’t that great…

  17. Nah… I’ll buy a Snickers bar instead. Seriously though, I’d buy it for that price if I had an Xbox One… not to play of course, but to make my collection of games one box bigger.

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Duckling just wanted to chill a little bit longer

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