What are you enjoying Wednesday!

What sport’s received your consideration this week? What’s nice about it? What sucks? Inform us all about it!

This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (changes made as wanted).

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  1. Hey, y’all may remember me as the years-late-to-the-party Mass Effect 1 player from last week. Well, it’s Mass Effect 2 now. I have imported my paragon save from ME1 and I am already regretting some decisions but oh well. Just arrived at the prison to recruit Jack and already have Garrus and Mordin in the crew. Enjoying myself so far. The combat feels more streamlined than the previous games and it doesn’t only rely on the skill tree to improve yourself in any way. The story has been great so far. I enjoyed the prologue section and so far it has been great meeting characters new and old. Will continue talking here next week!

  2. Baldur’s Gate 3 early access.

    Buggy in some parts but I LOVED the Divinity games so I’m all in here. Love all the DnD elements. Can’t wait to see how this game ends up when it’s finished.

  3. Just got Super Mario Odyssey for a great price locally. Started that last night. That’s a game for when the kids are awake. Halo 2 is what I started over the weekend for when the kids are asleep. I don’t remember ever playing anything past Halo CE so this is fun to play on Xbox One.

  4. Probably Vampyr since PlayStation dropped it for free this month. Other than that I’ll be playing modern warfare or R6.

  5. Nier Automata. I’m not particularly far into it I don’t think, just had the fast travel system open up. It’s definitely on the way to getting me hooked.

    I’ve platinum’d Avengers and since I’ve fallen completely out of love with Destiny, that’s my new mindless grind.

    Other than that, Subnautica. Just crafted a laser cutting tool for the first time but still can’t get into the Aurora. Only need two more crafting recipe parts before I can start a Cyclops though…I think

  6. I’m having trouble finding a game. Is there a sub I could post to help look for it? I saw a trailer a couple months ago for an upcoming game where you play as an Archer, and shooting targets in the world builds your momentum and allows you to glide/fly. Looked kinda Indie.

  7. The Witcher 3. My gf, now my wife, bought it for me for Xmas about 5 yrs ago and I only got around to playing it during the covid virus. About 70hrs into it now and I have say it’s one the best games I’ve ever played. Not many games can you put 70 hrs in and it still holds your interest like TW3 does. Not even touched on any of the DLC yet so happy days still a long while to go yet

  8. Late but I was playing Carrion (finished it today!).

    It’s a solid, if tedious reverse horror Metroidvania game. Really leaves me wanting more of these “reverse horror” games.

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