What are you playing Wednesday!

What game’s got your attention this week? What’s great about it? What sucks? Tell us all about it!

This thread is posted weekly on Wednesdays (adjustments made as needed).

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  1. Started katana zero on gamepass the day it was available, it’s a special game that I’m so glad I didn’t overlook.
    I have all achievements apart from the speed run achievement which requires you to finish the game in under 30 mins, today I plan on finally achieving this.

    I highly recommend people to try this game out, the story, music, art style and gameplay is all very well made.

    I’ll also be attempting to finish up some of the DLC for Hollow Knight, damn path of pain is infuriating me but I’m determined to finish what I started.

    TLDR Lots or stress from great indie games.

  2. No Man’s Sky!

    I strayed far from the game due to the infamous poor release, but it’s truly come a long way since then. I’ve spent the majority of the time at my computer hopping from planet to planet, fighting off space pirates, building an awful base, and fuelling my collection addiction. Brilliant game.

  3. This week playing Sword of the Stars (GoG), old 4x game but new to me. As well as Hearthstone(Blizzard, new rewards, new expansion) & Legends of Runeterra (Riot Games).

  4. The western classic *die a little more inside today because I’m up to my neck in schoolwork and my job keeps pulling me down below*

  5. Horizon Zero Dawn! Got my normal thunder jaw kill time down to about 10 seconds or so and now we are level 50 and looking to fight something bigger.

  6. Bit of a niche game but I just bought *ICBM* today. It’s a global RTS where you control one of the global superpowers, and it’s your job to both start and end WW3 (preferably as the victor). You build up your infrastructure and do reconnaissance in order to annihilate the enemy without too much damage to your own country. As someone who tends to play other kinds of RTSes more, it’s a great spin on the usual games I play and I’m loving it so far.

  7. Finally started Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018)! Only a few hours in, but it’s terrific! The combat is so crisp, and soaring through the city is so satisfying.

  8. Been getting into the Modern Warfare campaign. I used to only care about multiplayer but this campaign makes me want to revisit older call of duty campaigns.

    Lonely mountains downhill on gamepass has been a relaxing game too

  9. I just started playing **Yakuza: Like a Dragon**. I’m a huge fan of both Yakuza and turn-based JRPGs so I’m having a lot of fun with it so far.

  10. Hollow Knight
    It’s beautiful but I am struggling so much with the platform. Last night i made literally no progress because I couldn’t even get out of the area I’m in.

  11. Im replaying portal 2. Still just as fun and funny as I remember. The only thing that sucks is how long it takes to start hearing cave johnsons tapes. “When life gives you lemons, you dont make lemonade. You get angry! You demand to speak to lifes manager. Life will rue the day it tried to give cave johnson lemons!” -paraphrased

    Also Ive been playind hades. Love the gameplay but its best in short bursts. Doing a run here and there. I finally made it to the styx and the boss there for the first time. I will escape!

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