What, are you waiting on another shade of green, fella?!

What, are you waiting on another shade of green, fella?! 7

What, are you waiting on another shade of green, fella?! 8

What, are you waiting on another shade of green, fella?!

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  1. i dont expect everyone to have lightning reflexes, i sure dont, but i manage to get off the light faster than everyone else by paying attention, and that is all i ask of other drivers… pay attention, esp if you are at the front of the queue. that 2 seconds you take to notice the light is 2-3 cars that dont get to go through.

  2. Some people have trouble comprehending the length of a nanosecond. To put it in perspective, a nanosecond (one billionth of a second) in NYC, is the length of time between the light turning green, and the car behind you honking.

  3. When I was a kid and this would happen, my father would, in a very low and steady voice (that’s how he talked when he was pissed off, it was eerie) say “Would you like a gold embossed invitation to move your ass?” Now, as an adult, I find myself saying the same thing in the exact same way and it kinda freaks other people in the car out. 🙂

  4. Not their fault people who arent competent are driving around 2 tons of steel.

    The other day I was behind one person at a light who was texting and slowly put down their phone, put it in gear, and then drove. By the time they in their one car crossed the line on our side the light was already yellow again. Meanwhile theirs now 4 people behind me and we all get to wait while he goes about his merry day.

    Get of your phones and drive.

  5. It’s because we’ve lived through missing the light cycle behind some idiot who was digging around in their old McDonald’s wrappers on the passenger floorboards. The anger that wells up looking at that extra red light doesn’t ever go away and you vow to never let it happen again. That’s why you need to start honking early and aggressively so that not only will they make the light but you will too.

  6. I remember driving around Chicago suburbs as a visitor, some years ago. Chicagoans are merciless in this regard. It’s universal, there, for the whole line of cars to lay on their horns as soon as the light turns green – no exceptions.

  7. I hate when cars change lanes at the last second to be first and then dont pay attention to the light.

  8. Friendly reminder you should always wait and look both ways, even if the light is green. People run reds all the time, and people attempt to run yellows that they cant make even more.

  9. I never take off right away until I make sure the other guy isnt running the red light. I’ve avoided being T-Boned a few times that way and once avoided being obliterated by some guy waaaay back there who floored it when he saw the light turn yellow and ran it well after it had turned red.

  10. Last time I was driving in NYC I noticed people start honking at me before the light turns green. If you’re not rolling when the cross traffic light turns yellow you’re going to get a finger.

    At least now and then.

  11. Definitely got honked at quite a few times driving a manual with a really high clutch grab point. Touchy sports clutch too so I couldn’t rush it.

  12. I get mad but if I don’t drive mad. I just enjoyed railing about the bad drivers around me. And for me it’s Canadians and Californians

  13. It is claimed that the shortest period of time known to mankind is the time between a New York City traffic light turning green and the sound of a horn honking from cars behind the leading vehicle.

  14. I’m in the process of learning how to drive and my dad does this if I move 0.1 seconds too late!! Glad I’m not the only one lmaoo

  15. Taking a moment after it turned green to look both ways and make sure nobody is late to a yellow had saved my life twice now.. y’all can wait a half a second.

  16. My experience goes something like that:

    Have you checked you mirrors?

    Maintain your distance!

    Did you check to make sure the cross traffic has stopped before going on green?

    You are getting closer to the car in front of you!

    You are going 8 miles over the speed limit, slow down!

    Dad, I am 35. I’ve been driving for more than half my life. I can drive two blocks to the store without you instructions.

  17. I’m not even a guy or a parent and I’ve done this far more times than I’m willing to admit lol


    That’s my line. And it gets used a lot.

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