“What do you imply weapons are harmful?”

"What do you imply weapons are harmful?" 7

“What do you imply weapons are harmful?”

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  1. Someone breaks into your house, and you don’t have a gun. How are you going to shoot them?

    I also like the part where Hank and Bobby go to the gun club and Dale tells them it’s $3 for non-members and lifetime membership is free. After seeing the mouse head on the wall Hank says “We’ll pay the $3”

  2. I *really* need to watch King Of The Hill now as an adult.

    I watched it some as a kid, but I never really got it.

    I think I’ll appreciate it much more now that I’m older.

  3. Is King Of The Hill as good as all these random clips of it that show up on here? Cause every one I’ve seen so far has been great even with little to no context

  4. For a liberal, left, Democratic site like reddit, we are really weirdly pro-gun. I feel like this discussion happens every time American gun violence is mentioned.

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Drawing is my ardour.

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