What Happened In Dyatlov Pass Incident? New Paper Explains

What Happened In Dyatlov Pass Incident? New Paper Explains 7

What Happened In Dyatlov Pass Incident? New Paper Explains

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  1. Excellent presentation. Clear, precise and using perfect grammar. Impressive since clearly English is not your native language. Kudos to you Sir.

  2. Great video. I’ve always been really fascinated with the Dyatlov incident.

    The research confirmed what most people had already pieced together, which is that something happened to the tent (I previously thought it was just the insanely high winds that had collapsed the tent), and then everyone went down to a safer area, at which point people split up to do different tasks. But it was just way too cold.

    The findings on the slab avalanche are really interesting, as it explains the trauma injuries. It also explains why some people weren’t dressed very well, as their clothes could have been trapped underneath very heavy amounts of snow and ice.

    Very sad situation, but ultimately boils down to an unfortunate combination of extreme conditions, and a sub optimal tent location.

  3. What happened to the snow afterwards? It didn’t look like the tent was buried in snow from the avalanche

  4. Very informative. Thus is my favorite “unsolved case”. But there is part of the video felt like a repeat.

  5. I still don’t buy it based on the insanely abnormal disfiguring injuries. To say that someone’s guts being ripped out or tongue cleanly cut out is consistent with avalanche is absolute horseshit.

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