What if pop songs had guitar solos?

What if pop songs had guitar solos?

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  1. It’s not as easy to dance to as a simple beat, and it takes the attention away from the star/ lead singer.

    Definitely sounds good though.

  2. Feel they worked really well with the bruno Mars songs not sure about the hip hop ones.

    I liked the last couple as well just don’t know the song titles or artists haha

  3. I appreciate the talent, and these all fit more or less. The first one was the best, I think.

    A lot of the times less is more though. Devil in a New Dress is a rap song that has one of my favourite guitar solos of all time because he just shreds it with a few notes.

  4. Man how a guitar solo is grossly underrated. A lot of pop songs have repetitive lyrics so why not include more banger instrumental?

  5. I wouldnt mind having to listen to that kind of music sometimes if they had guitar solos like most metal and rock has

  6. So like, I’m seeing everybody ITT mention that he’s over playing, and yeah that was my first thought. But isn’t that exactly the kind of playing that would go into a pop solo? Like, if you’re putting millions of dollars into a hit song for Justin Timberlake, I bet you that you’d want some virtuosic shit js

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