When Green Day gets their set time cut in half for Usher.

When Green Day gets their set time cut in half for Usher.

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Written by hugo santos


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  1. I have always been wary of “i heart radio” even though I don’t know much about them. just the tone of their incessant radio ads has smelled to me like they’re the kind of machine that doesn’t give two shits about musicians, fans of music, or genuine performances. They’re always trying to get people downloading an app, following their social media pages, weaseling their way in between the creators of music and the appreciators. At least when netflix gets between a creators and audiences they fund content and make discovering things easy. What good is “i heart radio” doing? And apparently they would also lop 20 minutes off a famous group’s performing time (which they would clearly have in mind when rehearsing and performing) *during the show* not even short notice. no notice. gross

  2. Even if I don’t agree with the way he expressed it, I feel that 100%. They’d planned out a 45 minute set, and getting it cut by 20 minutes because the MC’s *couldn’t* be assed to stop Usher earlier… I don’t care if you like them or not, what utter disrespect for one of the most influential bands in the punk and alternative scenes.

  3. Artist tantrums can happen, despite having an understandable genesis this was kind cringey yeah. But I will say that I saw Green Day on their American Idiot tour when I was like 14 and they put on a killer show, standing in GA I saw my first ever pair of tits and first smelled that ol devil’s lettuce, so they have my gratitude for that sweet innocent childhood memory.

  4. This was the most Punk thing Green Day ever did an then they released a big apology for it a couple of days later and went right back to being good corperate boys.

  5. Camera Man: omg, omg, omg, ….what do we do?

    Director: Wait.

    Camera Man: Where do I point the camera? He is walking off stage! WHERE do I point the camera??!!

    Director: Go to the guitar.

    Camera Man: WHAT!!

    Director: GO TO THE GUITAR.

    Assistant Director: Why it’s just laying there.

    Director: “calmly” Go to guitar now or you’re fired.

    Camera Man: I don’t know what … I’m … ok… ok I am on the guitar. what do I? ….I ….. I am so confused.

  6. “I’ve been around since nineteen eighty fucking eight”

    Playing the same fucking song. Over and over and over again, or a dozen different songs that sound just like it.

    We’ve heard it, Joe. That’s enough.

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