When you care about the community

When you care about the community

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  1. I recently started playing Star Wars galaxies on the emulated servers someone set up and I was amazed how great the community was! I was walking around trying to grow a low level animal and someone with these huge animals came up behind me and gave me a lot of pointers, surprised me with a TON of in game money, and then just peaces out. I love it when the community is good.

  2. Damn I only started playing WoW a couple of months ago and I remember the first time I played there was this guy who helped me out and taught me how to play. He gave me some gold and then took off.

  3. This is how I feel about Warframe when a veteran meets a new player.
    You don’t have the core mods yet? Let me help you farm them. You need some orokin cells? Let me grab my nekros and let’s go farm Ceres for half an hour. You don’t have the relic to farm this new prime? Let me help you out, I got like 20 spares in the back I won’t use anyway. You haven’t unlocked a junction to progress? Let me help you with some of the tougher missions and I’ll boost your damage with my warframe so you can get a taste of how fun this game can be.
    Warframe players are bros, most of them anyway. 🙂

  4. This has been my ESO experience in a nutshell. Nicest dudes I’ve ever met in dungeons, and I’ve played all the big MMOs.

    ESO vets are all Tom Hanks I swear.

  5. Shameless plug for Deep Rock Galactic here. I’ve been playing a lot of 4-player coop games recently – L4D, Dead by daylight. Mainly DBD is so fucking toxic it is unbelievable.

    In the meantime, Deep Rock Galactic is surprisingly full of people trying to help teammates by hints in chat, buying round of beers for everyone before round starts and in last week alone I have seen at least ten occasions of a high ranked player sticking around to help a total noob and giving some tips and what not.

  6. I like giving new players a sum of ingame money that’s no big deal to a veteran, but a huge help setting up when you’re fresh. And often times, when they ‘grow up’, they’re happy to run matches with me. It’s how friends are made. And those I never see again, no big deal. Made them happy, and that’s value in itself.

  7. Reminds me of MonHunWrld, a few times some higher level hunters came to help me or me and my friends when we needed it. They didn’t even carve the monster after taking it down.

  8. This is how I played World of Warcraft back in the day:

    1. Find enemy faction lowbie.
    2. Mind Control them while they freak out at my approach.
    3. Give them beneficial instant cast buff.
    4. Watch them back away but circle around in confusion.
    5. Repeat 2-3 until diminishing returns immunity kicks in.
    6. Have emote conversation of encouragement and gratitude.
    7. Depart on my awesome mount in search of new target.

  9. That’s what i like, a guy that doesn’t just kill everyone he sees just cause he can. He probably does kill other players, but only if they’re on a balanced level. That’s what i like to see.

  10. Happened to me in fallout 76, I was in my camp and the dude signaled me to follow him, I figured I was low level enough if he did betray me it wouldn’t mean much. I didn’t know if that meant he could steal my loot or anything. But when he got me away apparently he just wanted to give me a bunch of ammo. I sent a friend request but he never responded.

    Thanks random dude!

  11. CS:GO can be a toxic community these days with more and more people switching over from COD, or just certain newbies (who have at least two months under their belt) getting full of themselves in a DM server, and shaming fresher newbies for sucking at the game so bad– knowing full well they were in that position months ago. a couple of friends of mine and I are some of the few players who have been playing for more than three years (that’s just me (three years) my friends been playing since CS 1.6) that actually take the time during DM and CASUAL servers (warmup segment of casual) to teach fresher newbies about holding angles, learning spray patterns/ learning curves, and cross hair placement. And it’s always a great laugh to see the newbie get it down so quick and start crushing the more seasoned newbies. sharing knowledge on the game can be just as valuable as sharing loot. so when you give a noob some loot to help them get started, point them to a good place to grind for xp, money, etcetera, or even just how to play better/smarter. it can take them far in the long run.

  12. To be fair, Diablo 3 as a community is generally good at boosting each other and the occasional shout out of asking for / offering support, and I try and give back as much as I get in helping newer players especially in the season quests, but I’d say they were fairly friendly in general.

  13. My friend and I were playing OSRS a few years ago. We went to the wildy to farm some flowers or dragons or some crap. I don’t remember. What I do remember is having 3 dudes walk up wearing some basic magic gear holding ancient magic staves. They were super chill and asked us how rough it was to get what we needed, and then… those mother fuckers attacked us mid convo. I started to run as my friend is screaming for me to save myself and getting hit with ice barrage. Ice barrage is a level 93 spell that hits fairly hard and freezes your ass in place. So as i’m running I see them typing in game “we’re so sorry” and then I see the spells they were using trail behind me then once they have me they hit me with ice barrage too. I no longer go into the wildy expecting to survive.

  14. I feel like this should be something in mmos.

    If you help out a fellow player, then you receive a little bonus. Not something overpowered as hell, but helping out a newbie and stuff should get you a little karma reward or something.

  15. Wasn’t anything too special but I was doing a cargo delivery in GTA Online the other day and noticed someone coming up from behind me very fast. Instead of trying to take or even destroying the cargo, they just beeped their horn twice and passed me, and I beeped mine twice back. I’m so used to everyone in that game being toxic that I was very close to putting down sticky bombs and blowing them up before they got too close. Glad I didn’t though, because that small interaction honestly made my day.

  16. I used to play a, sadly no longer existing, MMORPG where one of the starter areas was a field of bulls with decent xp for a level 1-5 player. No loot aside from useless sides of beef though….until I discovered a glitch that allowed me to drop items on a locked monster corpse. I would go out hunting in the highest areas of the game, turn on my deception skill so my level is hidden, don my level 1 starter gear and sneak around dropping amazing top tier loot on the cows as they fell. More people started to show up and it became a thing for a short while, until I taught someone else how to do it and passed the baton. One of my favorite memories of that game. Beating someone in a game and insulting their mother might be gratifying for a moment – but helping people anonymously sticks with you for years.

  17. I was handed a million gold in runs ape when I just started out. Back when that kind of cash was super valuable. Would go into the wilderness lose my gold trimmed armor, buy another one and do it again

  18. This is why I enjoy Tibia. Real risk, but the skull system is real. If he were to PK that little noob he would get skulled then anyone can come PK him for no almost penalty. World of Warcraft and MMO’s like it they just gank you and you respawn and that’s it. Only thing you lose if time. Not very much fun if you ask me.

  19. Red Dead Online has been a bit like that. After a brief misunderstanding with a lower level player, our characters got drunk together, he shared fishing tips, and I hooked him up with large trader sale assist cash.

    More games should provide opportunities like that. It was very satisfying.

  20. Elder scrolls online in a nutshell, you’re there levelling up your tank struggling with a delve, then comes the 810cp dps, destroys everything and you get the loot and do the quest easy.

  21. Favorite thing to do in Shaiya was go back to the starting map and help low levels grind in the giants the Cloron forest south of Keolloseu.

    Dang I gotta download that game again

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