“When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty?”

"When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty?" 7

"When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty?" 8

“When you first saw Halo, were you blinded by its majesty?”

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  1. I spent maybe 2 hours on this mission the first time I played it. The scenery, the forerunner guns, the constant plasma cannons that shot into the sky trying to see where they were going.

    … that and like I’d imagine everyone else, getting lost when trying to find the third crash site. You can find them in any order, but you’ll drive around for 15 minutes trying to find the third one, always ending back up at one of the first two.

  2. It was pretty awesome. I gotta admit. I still love that game. I’ll go through on the MCC and just switch back and forth between original and updated graphics. Original holds it’s own.

  3. No prophets I was to busy not trying to get infected by the flood and salvage what’s left of my fleet so I’d appreciate it if you get off my ass about halos destruction

  4. I remember liking it when I played it way back when, but when I played it in the MCC it was absolutely terrible. I remember excitedly telling somebody about everything that happened in Halo 2 and how awesome it was, and when I played it in the MCC the story had hilariously bad writing and the gameplay was terrible. The most memorable bit of bad writing was Gravemind. It just appears out of nowhere and then vanishes for the rest of the game. Cortana somehow knew Gravemind’s name despite nobody else using it. I thought I had gamer dementia but I checked, the only time somebody says “Gravemind” is when Cortana says it.

    I had never played Halo: Reach before and played it in the MCC. I thought it was an original Xbox release because of how bland and tiny the levels were (except for the one where you fly around), the voice acting was terrible in both the quality of the audio (lots of pops, hisses, and low bitrate) and the voice acting itself, but it was a late 360 release.

    I don’t think there have been any good Halo games.

  5. My buddy and I used to “juggle” warthogs in custom mode with rockets and grenades. We would do that more than fighting lol.

    I do remember the first time I saw the halo. I was absolutely stunned being like 12 at the time. Fantastic memories.

  6. First time you land and look up and see the ring. The majesty of it. Daunting yet beautiful. Sometimes I wish I could do it again for the very first time.

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