When your vegetarian friends invite you for dinner..

When your vegetarian friends invite you for dinner.. 7

When your vegetarian friends invite you for dinner.. 8

When your vegetarian friends invite you for dinner..

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  1. It looks like it just wants to be invited. The mean bunnies are hogging it all. I bet doggo would love to be given a piece, but isn’t comfortable sharing food this way.

  2. I think the dog is being held hostage. Can anyone translate the blinks of the dog I think it’s trying to tell us someting in morse code.

  3. My dog appears out of nowhere if he hears me taking a cucumber or zuchinni out of the fridge. The sound of removing stickers from fruit I am about to wash brings him running too. Cukes and peppers are his favorites.

  4. My dogs LOVE zucchini. They would take it and “hide” under the table or in their kennels to eat is a fast as they possibly could.

  5. I remember in my vegan years arriving at parties and being told, “We don’t have anything for you to eat.” OK, well then. Glad I came.

  6. I had a dog just like this one , a black smoothie they are called. If you’ve ever seen a wire haired you didn’t forget about that experience.. They are truly unique.
    My baby “shugs” or Sugar lived 13 Great years. She was suffering from heart disease and I finally put her down. Miss that dog every Day of my life .
    Here’s to SUGAR & Your pretty pups ‘ also🙂💕🐕🐶

  7. Wow these bunnies are so cute!!, did you know that dogs can be healthy on a vegan diet? Also, the Guinness record for the dog that lived the most was a dog given vegan food! Ofc it’s different from what a human would eat, but if you have a dog this is something you might wanna look into.

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