Whenever I try replaying my old NES games

Whenever I try replaying my old NES games 7

Whenever I try replaying my old NES games 8

Whenever I try replaying my old NES games

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  1. This was among my first ever games, the NES was my first console, and even seeing the box brings back some pretty strong feelings.

    As a young kid, the gold cartridge had some sort of mythical quality to it. I remember getting a really dark, ominous vibe from the game – the dark forest sections, the weird wolf type enemies, the I AM ERROR guy, the total hostility of the over world. My dad played through it mostly, I was too young to make much progress. I remember the sinister battle with shadow link towards the end. I think the game legitimately scared me a bit – not in a jump scare type way but it just felt “dark” playing it.

    Really need to revisit it at some point.

  2. For a long time this was the only Zelda game I hadn’t finished. Finally committed to playing through the pain during the pandemic. It’s crazy how unforgiving it is.

    I don’t care what anyone says about the Water Temple in OoT. The Great Palace in Zelda II is far and away the most difficult dungeon in the series. Nothing even comes close.

  3. I agree I played zelda 1 on switch online and just said “thank God I didn’t play on the original nes” and rewinded for the 500th time.

  4. I beat this when I was around 6-7 years old way back when on original nes. One of those proud accomplishments of gaming life. Final dungeon/castle and boss is brutal, luckily once red guy is dead if you died you didn’t have to fight him again when going back through for shadow link. Loved me that downthrust and upthrust oh and high jump!

  5. Zelda II on the NES was the first game I ever completed with all collectables. The hardest part was finding everything

  6. Played Metroid on NSO last week and realized just how rough so much of the early era was. I started by only using save states in shafts, but by the end I was rewinding my way all through Turian. I think I did manage to get to the mother brain from the entry with only one or two rewinds once I figured out a strategy. It was enough to know that people who won-much less those who got the ‘good’ endings-were insane demigods of gaming.

    Now I’m playing Super Metroid and just use it when I think the consequence would be another few minutes of rote jumps before getting to try the challenging part again once. (Im looking at you Maridia) I’m not here to fall into the time-waster portion of early game design, I’m here to experience the good parts of the game. I recognize that older games were tough and required a lot of long effort to master specific jumps, tricks or parts, but just knowing that is enough and I’ll actually play the game if I rewind where I think it’s just arbitrary.

  7. One of My favorite box arts of all time, together with the original zelda cover. That golden box really felt special back then.

  8. Once you get the fairy ability you can just fly around even though the DOOR KEY HOLES, though I would rank up magic to lvl 9 first because it uses a lot of magic, the healing magic helps a lot too.

  9. I see this cover and my brain is filled with images of rapid red/black flicker and the badly digital “Mwa ha ha ha ha ha” laughter effect….. so many I died’s…

  10. This was the last game I beat. Played during the initial lockout, first time since I was 14. Really made me respect it all over again. It’s brutal at times and forces you to learn combat. The red headed stepchild of the Zelda series, for sure, but it’s a great game for its time

  11. I still enjoy every single time I play through Megaman 2, best 8 bit music. But yeah, even as a kid I hated Zelda, and stayed away from it until Ocarina of Time, loved them after that.

  12. I beat it w/o an emulator on the gamecube (promo disc for subscribing to Nintendo Power). It was hard. The Lizalfos throwing rocks from behind their palisade walls made just getting to the final palace with all my lives a significant challenge.

    Not as hard as Battletoads or as frustrating as Ghostbusters. (or as hard AND frustrating as Ghostbusters II).

  13. Loved this game but yeah it had some real design problems. The lives system in particular was just… misguided.

  14. There are a few NES games that I loathe, this is one of them.

    Ninja Gaiden, TMNT 1 (the damn DAM level), Battletoads, Paperboy

  15. I agree I played zelda 1 on switch online and just said “thank God I didn’t play on the original nes” and rewinded for the 500th time.

  16. The only bad part of this game was that the battery backup was ultra sensitive compared to most games and there were bugs that would delete your save. I played entirely through the game probably 15 times before I actually beat it due to both of these.

  17. I think this game deserves a remake. Would be really interesting to see a new take on it and how it can be reworked.

  18. I like TLoZ, but TAoL can die… I’ve just never “gotten” that game.

    As for general NES game difficulty, I just tried to play Mega Man again (after a few years away) in VR (3DSENVR is so cool!) and just trying to get past the first few screens of Elecman’s stage almost made me throw my controllers in frustration… guess I just have to GIT GUD!

    Wait, it’s probably because the Oculus controllers don’t have D-pads… yeah, that’s the ticket!

  19. Eh, barring two areas, it wasn’t that bad.

    The first difficulty spike came in Death Mountain, especially if you try to rush to it before defeating the second dungeon, and don’t have much in the way of levels. Many, many deaths were had there. But then, the name of the location is, literally, ‘death mountain’. You were warned it wasn’t going to be a cakewalk. But man, those red dudes throwing axes…

    The other was the final dungeon. It was the only dungeon that got its own music. It deserved it. To this day, that final dungeon song gives me flashbacks. The dungeon so brutal that, unlike any other location in the entire game, if you lost your final life, you started at the beginning of the dungeon instead of in Zelda’s castle.

    But other than those two areas… as long as you proceeded cautiously and understood the leveling mechanic and how to (ab)use it, it wasn’t as hard as the memes suggest.

  20. Zelda 2 was the only one in the series I did nit like or finish. Not a fan that they went to side scrolling.

  21. This one never really seemed like a Zelda game. If I’m not mistaken, it was originally designed as a different game, and then it was scooped off of the trash heap and repurposed as a Zelda title, similar to Super Mario 2.

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