Whenever I try to solve any problem

Whenever I try to solve any problem

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  1. Here is the [source video.](

    > Published on 13 Apr 2018
    The terrifying moment the man was engulfed in flames was captured on camera by a friend. The incident occurred in Blaxlands Ridge, north-west of Sydney on April 1. The shocking video shows the man stoking the fire with a piece of timber. He then **grabs a blue tub, which appears to be full of white fire starters.** He walks over to the fire with the tub before signalling a thumbs up, then a thumbs down to his friends. He throws the contents of the blue tub onto the barbeque, and almost instantly his plan literally backfires.

  2. Looks like his grill caught fire. Most likely from grease dripping into the coals. Never throw water on a grease fire. Hot oil + water = big badaboom

  3. And that folks, is a beautiful demonstration of why dust control is so important around fires, admittedly he was lobbing the charcoal dust on, but, good ol’ flour would be the same result. Science achieved.

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