Who thought this was okay

Who thought this was okay

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  1. Instead of clicking the GO TO COMMENTS button, I always scroll all the way back up so I’ll learn my lesson more

  2. Can we also mention how they dont show related videos anymore..i dont need to see videos that i can just go look at my sub section for like gimme new content man

  3. It changes location every other week for me I don’t know if they just can’t make up their mind or my app is being stupid

  4. It’s very ok, it’s nicer to not have to scroll all the way down, you just need to get used to it

  5. Idk why people make such a big deal about it…when your dad moved did you make a meme abou…oh i see

  6. Okay, what the hell is going on?

    I’m looking at the comments for EVERY video I watch and NOWHERE am I getting these messages.

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