Why Billionaires Won’t Save Us

Why Billionaires Won't Save Us 7

Why Billionaires Won’t Save Us

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  1. Can anyone point me to someone who legitimately thinks billionaires can or would save us? Even if they gave away all their money that wouldn’t solve these problems. This guy just created a strawman and made a video tearing it a down.

  2. This is the biggest Communist garbage ive ever seen. Remember people, no one forces you to give your money to these billionaires. They are billionaires because people willingly gave them their own money for their products/services. You dont have the right to tell them what to do with the money you paid them. That money no longer yours.

  3. Nobody can save you, but you. If you are too busy crying about a billionaire not offering a handout, you arent doing it right.

  4. Sorry but I cant take this seriously when 3 minutes in he has given directly conflicting information twice. Says 100 billion for elons prize when its 100 million on screen then says “jeff bezo’s 1 billion dollar fund” when he had just said it was 10 billion and Bill Gates was the one with the 1 billion dollar fund. Like this guy clearly doesn’t have his shit together, it looks good but he is directly contradicting himself seconds apart.

  5. People act like billionaires have actual billions of liquid cash, when the majority have their money tied up in investments. If they pulled all that money out the market would collapse.

  6. Complaining that 1 billion is just 0.5% of someone’s wealth does not change the fact that 1 billion is a lot of money. He could also just don’t give a fuck and make all things in his home gold.


    Also if you compare it to the usual person and say “this is like if someone with an average income would just pay 50 dollars”. Well, did any of your friends with average income spend 50 dollars and gave it away for projects on climate change?

  7. Meh. The prevailing everything-is-doomed, dystopian and late stage capitalism spirit has run its course.

  8. I agree Billionaires bad yada yada yada and not to rain on the parade but…

    I’m pretty sure the whole Bill Gates impeding vaccine development is complete horeshit. I remember when that nonsense came out reading some very angry posts from virology experts explaining why we can’t just ship the vaccine plans to other country’s and that even the most advanced companies on earth like Pfizer are struggling to have enough well trained people and the highly specialised equipment to do it. I think most people assume making a vaccine is like making a cake? Throw in some eggs and shes all good. You would litterally have to sacrifice the development in current production sources to transfer that personnell. Then even if we had the magic training ability we risk hampering the public vaccine image by a whole generation if something goes wrong at these other production spots.

    Ignoring all that just think about it. The most simple explanation is probably correct. Is Bill Gates gonna risk millions of lives to keep a few execs happy at Pfizer or is this shit just actually really fucking hard. You would have to think Bill is litterally Lex Luther levels of evil.

  9. This video demonizes billionaires. Sure there are some valid points, but the majority of people on reddit use and benefit from amazon and can’t denies the progress that Elon has made in terms of electric and self driving cars as well as us becoming a multi planetary species. Billionaires might not save the planet, but taxing billionaires more wont either. If you got rid of Elon Musk , bill gates and Mark Zuckerberg never existed I do’t think the world would be a better place. These people have gotten rich through providing value to the world.

  10. Some people say we need more Nikolas Teslas. Some people say we need more disruptive activists. And they are both right.

    We can’t just have billionaires decide things: decide which Nikolas Tesla to fund and which one to defund, decide which activist’s cause to promote and which angry activist not promoted. Because we’d only have a small bunch of pacified Nikola Teslas and pacified activists, you know, non-threatening to the business interests.

  11. If they really wanted to save us *(and not just have their tax deductible pet projects)* they wouldn’t be billionaires.

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