Why do you do this to me ??

Why do you do this to me ?? 7

Why do you do this to me ?? 8

Why do you do this to me ??

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  1. This goes for children too. My son won’t say a word to me all day. As soon as I put on some music or an audio book there’s 100 stories to be told.

  2. Bro if your mom turns into an anime waifu everytime you wear headphones you should probably take her to see a doctor or pimp her out to every lonely redditor around

  3. It’s always like this..and then when I don’t listen to her she says to my dad that I need to go to the doctor cuz I’m “”deaf””…

  4. My mom do this all the time, especially after I arrive home, I’ve gone into my room, either closed it not completely shut the door but I’m sitting at my computer watching something or playing a game with headphones on and she literally opens the door and starts talking expecting me to want to have a conversation when all the signs and me most likely being busy playing a game shows her now is not the time.🤦🏻‍♂️ I tend to just take of the headphones and answer though because I don’t wanna act like a dick to my mom, but at the same time it’s so frustrating her not being able to read the signs that says I’m not interest right now in having a conversation 😂

  5. My ex bought me noise cancelling head phones then got mad at me whenever she tried talking to me and I didn’t hear her.

  6. same my mom says it will explode on my ear because of the thing she saw in Facebook and she show me a guy got exploded on face by VR headset

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