Why I recommend Hades

Why I recommend Hades 7

Why I recommend Hades 8

Why I recommend Hades

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  1. According to steam, only 30% of players have the “pet Cerberus 10 times” achievement. What kind of monsters are playing this game?

  2. Definitely a terrific game. It’s amazing just how much there is to find that changes the game. You just keep finding new characters and aspects to change gameplay and story. Been acting on switch. Hoping the playstation version comes soon.

  3. GOTY 2020 for me, hands down.

    The way they handled things during EA was fantastic too.

    Gaming since 1987, and this is, for me, the closest to perfect Ive ever experienced in a game. The writing is superb, the art is superb, the voice acting is superb, the game deisgn and gameplay are superb. I think Ive got about 100 hours in over the last 11 months and it has never crashed once (win 10 Steam version, played on both Intel/Nvidia and AMD based systems)

    It isnt my favorite game ever, but it is up there and is one that I will never forget.

  4. Also, the music slaps, the art slaps, the gameplay slaps, honestly fuckin everything about this game slaps so gosh darn hard

  5. ***mini last-stage spoiler***

    My favorite part of the game is that you don’t have to fight Cerberus. I got nervous the first time I got there and I even said out loud to myself, “aw man, I don’t want to fight him.”

    I was very pleased with the alternative. This game is a masterpiece.

  6. I adore supergiant as a whole and I’m so glad they took a shot a rogue-lite. Replayability is baked into the genre and has easily become my highest hours logged in any of their games. Not a single hesitation buying it a second time when the switch version came out.

  7. I played the early access version for a while but put it down after a bit. Is there any new main tweaks to the game now that the full version is out?

  8. I don’t like hades. There’s not enough strategy. It just feels like they made a beat em up with a rogue like theme. It looks good and sounds good but gameplay just isn’t fun for me. I much prefer games like binding of isaac or mana spark over this.

  9. I haven’t liked a roguelike since Binding of Issac. I now have 40 hours on this game in 6 weeks and have no signs of stopping. Genuinely one of the best games I’ve had the pleasure of playing

  10. I picked this up last weekend and haven’t been able to put it down. I even spent a good deal of my workweek playing. Thanks switch…

  11. Why I don’t recommend Hades: That shit is hard as fuck. So much grinding to have even a chance.

    Looks beautiful, great story and storytelling, fuck the grind and difficulty.

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