With new era coming coming I wanted to replace my chart.

With new era coming coming I wanted to replace my chart.

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  1. Only increased by 25% this generation. Sort of disappointing when you realize we had a 33% increase just one generation back. Looks like we’re hitting the point of diminishing returns.

  2. I’ve been an armchair researcher for the past 25 years while this dataset was collected, I think it’s a little early for speculation on any further entries in the graph at this time, however if were to extrapolate from the dataset we currently have we can see a natural slope by slamming that good ol’ elementary school calculation rise over run, thus providing a pretty stable slope of 1, so naturally if we extrapolate using this formula we will likely end up at PS6 (±1 with a ~15% margin of error)

  3. Is anyone else concerned about the diminishing returns each generation?

    From PS1 to PS2 we got 100% more Playstation but going from 4->5 we are only getting a 25% boost.

  4. Honestly, normal technology naming schemes is something I respect. I shouldn’t need to open dozens of tabs to get even the basic idea of what parts/devices/whatever are better than others.

    I obviously am not talking about the nitty gritty differences between things of the same generation and price category, but it’s hard to tell apart even those in their entireties.

  5. I love how Sony is the only one whose gaming/tech device names make any logical sense in order

    Just look at Xbox, Windows, Nintendo, Sega

  6. Despite Sony’s faults, I really appreciate the dedication to their console naming scheme instead of reinventing the naming wheel every generation. Accurately represents the “more of the same but *slightly* better” unlike whatever the fuck Microsoft decides to call the “new” Xbox.

    In the same vein, Nintendo’s wildly different names are also in line with their wildly different console personalities! WiiU was just… special lol.

  7. I know this is a shitpost but the well maintained naming convention is something I genuinely appreciate about PlayStation.

  8. Can we just take a moment to appreciate a normal naming convention for generations. I dream to buy a PS12 one day.

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